Obóz wojsk Foltesta

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Obóz wojsk Foltesta

Obóz wojsk Foltesta is where players get their first opportunity to look around as Geralt in Wiedźmin 2: Zabójcy Królów‎ as we find the witcher and Triss just waking up in their tent. Just a few steps to the south of Triss' tent, Geralt meets some old acquaintances, the Rębacze z Crinfrid. By talking to them he can begin the first secondary quest of the game, "Serce Melitele", which will find an end only in Akt I. There is a Krąg mocy just a few meters away from them.

A bit further on, Geralt can get his first introduction to siłowanie from "Silnoręki" and also a taste of poker from another soldier before continuing on to meet King Foltest.

The area serves more as a tutorial for the game interface, allowing Geralt to speak to characters, loot containers, gather roślinność and use the Krąg mocy.



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