Ołtarz Vodianoi

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Ołtarz Vodianoi

Ołtarz Vodianoi is the primary means by which the ceglarze communicate with the entities they worship, the Water Lords. It is located southwest of the village, on the western edge of the doły z gliną in the bagna.



  • despite the fact that the heading at the top of the screen says "Storage" when you "open" the altar, this is not (I repeat NOT) actually a place to store things. It is only a place to leave offerings to the Water Lords. Anything you leave there will disappear permanently and (at best) be replaced by some random alchemical ingredient
  • according to Vaska, the Vodyanoi accept as gifts only items which do not represent the trappings of the "dry" world except for the products of nature. So rośliny, minerałów and a few other items are accepted as offerings. A different item appears after midnight when an offering is accepted. One strange item that the Vodyanoi do seem to accept as a tribute is fisstech